Custom Paint Finishes & Staining Services

Complete the look of your home or office with custom paint finishes from JC's Custom Painting, a contractor from Bridgeton, New Jersey. Complete staining services and minor home repairs are also available.

Decorative Finishes

The epoxy paint finishes from JC's Custom Painting are just what you need to give your floor a little flair. Choose from a variety of options, including floor finishes for basements and garages, as well as sponge painting, color washing, and textured finishes.

Painting Prep, Painting

Leave the Staining to Us

Enhance the look of the wood inside or outside of your home with complete staining services from JC's Custom Painting. Using our stain followed by multiple coats of urethane, we'll give your woodwork an elegant look that you'll love for a lifetime.

Window Glazing

Replacing your windows can put a huge hole in your wallet. Instead of spending top-dollar to make a replacement, save big bucks with efficient window re-glazing services from our company.

Our Foolproof Process

During the process, we remove 100% of the old glazing, prime windows with an oil-based primer, and remove all old paint from the glass. From there, we re-glaze the window. After the glazing is allowed to cure, our experts re-prime the window with an oil primer and add two coats of finish paint.

Historical Restorations

In addition to offering services for newer homes and offices, JC's Custom Painting is your source for historical restorations. Backed by more than 30 years of experience, our crew will make the historical building look like new while complying with strict historical society codes. Lead remediation and removal is also available.

Contact us to customize the look of your floors with our unique paint finishes.